Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How To Get Tramadol Without A Prescription Legally

There are several reasons as to why one would want to avoid obtaining a prescription for Tramadol. Some don't have the money to pay for a doctor's visit, in addition to the steep fees pharmacies demand for prescriptions such as Tramadol. Others have other reasons, but the goal is the same: how does one get a Tramadol shipment without the prescription?

How To Get Tramadol Without A Prescription

Getting Tramadol without a prescription can be a little tricky, depending on where you live. In the United States, for example, the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, claims that it is illegal to obtain the drug without a prescription.

There is an interesting loophole to this, however. In foreign countries there are no laws dictating the legality of selling prescription drugs over the Internet to those who live in countries where it is illegal to obtain prescription drugs without the prescription.

Of course, it is completely illegal to buy prescription drugs from a foreign source even if one does import the drug. This hasn't stopped many Tramadol users, however. While some can claim ignorance of drug laws, which may be excusable, most know what they are doing.

Tramadol Without A Prescription: The Process Of Obtaining The Drug

Foreign online pharmacies work much like legal United States Online Pharmacies do. Although instead of a pharmacist that conducts questions, there is usually a survey that can be taken. It's important to note that surveys aren't always the most accurate source of dictating whether or not a drug is safe to use and a real doctor or pharmacist should be consulted first.

After the survey or conference with an online pharmacist, the order is filled and shipped to the buyer. The buyer at this point enjoys a lot of financial freedom. The prescription is practically a Free Prescription, with the savings incurred from shopping both online and from a foreign source. With these savings, many consumers opt to get FedEx Next Day delivery, which enables the drugs to be at the buyer's doorstep the very next day.

It's important to note that since the FDA does indeed outlaw buying prescription drugs from foreign sources, it may be potentially problematic if one were to get caught doing this. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that consumers instead find a legal United States pharmacy that conforms to FDA standards.

A Legal Way Of Obtaining Tramadol Without A Prescription

As mentioned before, some pharmacies offer surveys instead of pharmacists to conference with. Since surveys do not usually require extensive background checks, almost anyone can get a prescription drug online, although technically it is just like not having a prescription at all since there is no work involved in obtaining the prescription.

Final Thoughts of Obtaining Tramadol Online Without A Prescription

Tramadol, being a prescription drug, may be out of reach for those who need it most. In these trying times, these individuals look for ways to obtain the drug without a prescription. In some cases, there are legal ways- others are less legal. It is highly recommended only legal methods be flowed, and be sure to ultimately give precedence to your own health and safety above all else.

If you end up questioning as to whether or not a pharmacy is legal or safe, the best resource to go to is your usual doctor as a first resort.

Risks Associated With Buying Tramadol Online

We've all heard of the great benefits of Buying Tramadol Online; better prices, fast FedEx Next Day delivery, and easy prescription approval (if any at all). But with this great convenience comes certain risks of possible catastrophe and disaster. So how does one avoid these risks, yet keep the benefits associated with online pharmacies?

Quality Of Online Tramadol Medication

Since many online pharmacies are foreign-based, there are some conflicting levels of standards implemented in production environment and value. The FDA, for instance, generally holds a high standard on how drugs are produced, developed, and manufactured. The same drug in a third world country, however, may have far less standards in comparison.

As far as quality goes, the resulting product may be of lesser quality. As Tramadol is used as a pain killer, this could be a poor show for buyers. But buying from a reputable foreign online source can help remedy this possible catastrophe.

Risks of Gaming With Tramadol Prescriptions

Another popular fad among some online pharmacies is gaming customers. Since the laws in foreign countries are different, it is almost next to impossible to actually take a person to court over a trivial drug problem and still turn a profit from the ordeal. For this reason, it is recommended that consumers make sure that an online pharmacy is legit and has been running for a couple of years before buying from them.

Some other online pharmacies may also steal financial information from customers, and not be a real pharmacy at all. In this case, the best defense is to verify a pharmacy via various means. The best test to verify a successful and dependable online pharmacy is to check their contact details. If they have a real address and phone number, this is usually an indicator that they are legit (although exceptions are always present).

Possible Legal Issues With Buying Tramadol Online

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, claims that it is illegal for United States citizens to buy Tramadol without a prescription. To get around this, customers must obtain a prescription from an online pharmacy. This usually involves having a phone or email interview with an actual pharmacist, in which case the customer will receive the medication up successful conferencing.

But some online pharmacies employ surveys or use pharmacists that are not properly licensed. If this is the case, buyers may be in legal trouble as technically they are buying prescription medication without a real prescription. Customers can get around this catastrophe the same way they can bypass the rest of the problems- ask around and see which online pharmacy is the most dependable. Also do Internet searches to see which online pharmacy has the best reputation, yet still offers the best prices and shipping methods.

Final Thoughts on Risks Associated with Buying Tramadol Online

Tramadol prescriptions are truly a blessing when they can be bought online and delivered to your doorstep the next day via FedEx Next Day shipping. Customers will often find that the savings found in buying online can be seen as a Free Prescription since it is in fact so easy to obtain and costs less money in doing so.

But as stated earlier, it can't be stressed enough that Tramadol should be taken with care and only with a prescription. Be sure to verify an Online Pharmacy's reputation before buying from them. And if all else fails, there is always the doctor's office visit!